European Union (EU) ministers have gathered in Córdoba to discuss the future of agriculture and agrarian innovation. During their visit to the experimental farm of the University of Córdoba, research and technology projects in agriculture were highlighted, including olive varieties, digitization, and remote irrigation systems. European Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, joined the meeting, and there were moments of informality and humor, even in reference to olive varieties.

Spanish Minister Luis Planas emphasized the importance of research, innovation, and new technologies for a sustainable agri-food system. He also mentioned genomic editing as a tool for developing more resilient and efficient crops. The need to connect scientific research with the real needs of agriculture and promote digital training in the sector was emphasized.

The visit included research projects on low-emission cereals, agriculture 4.0, and carbon storage in the soil. Additionally, the importance of ensuring that new technologies reach smaller agricultural operations was discussed.

The visit also featured cultural moments, such as an olive oil tasting and a visit to the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. EU ministers are planning to continue their visit with activities related to wine production in the Montilla-Moriles Designation of Origin region. In summary, the meeting focuses on agrarian research, innovation, and sustainability in European agriculture, with a focus on the application of advanced technologies and sustainable practices.